SHVPES – The Underworld, Camden

SHVPES headlined the Underworld in London.

The British rock band SHVPES just released a new single ‘One Man Army’ (2019, Spinefarm Records) and hit the road for two headlining shows in the UK one of which was in London at the Underworld. Formed in 2009, the Birmingham based quintet comprise vocalist Griffin Dickinson, both guitarists Ryan Hamilton and Youssef Ashraf, bassist Grant Leo Knight and drummer Harry Jennings, mixing elements of metalcore and nu metal with heavy hip hop and rap. The heavy guitar sound supports Griffins alternation between soaring screams and rapping. So far the outlet released two full-lenth albums being their debut ‘Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair’ (2016, Spine Farm Records) and ‘Greater Than’ (2018, Spine Farm Records).

The venue opened its doors around 6.30pm and filled up steadily with a quite mixed but rather younger crowd. First act on the stage was the mysterious Bristol based trap-metal artist The Well Runs Red with a mix of hardcore, rap, trap, metal, horrorcore and industrial, to get the crowd moving.

Second band of the evening was the grunge-infused alt rock band Phoxjaw comprising vocalist and bassist Danny Garland, guitarist Alexander Share, as well as the brothers Kieran (drums) and Josh (guitar) Gallop. Having just released their debut EP ‘A Playground For Sad Adults’ (2019, Hassle Records), they create a distinctive and heavy sound with soaring guitar riffs, driving drums, melancholic melodies and rough vocals. With their explosive stage performance, they got the crowds attention right from the start and set the energy levels high.

Next up was the post-hardcore quartet Skywalker comprising vocalist Jay, bassist Tom, guitarist David and drummer Damian. The band’s sound is a mix of heavy riffs and breakdowns in alternation with catchy melodies, supporting deep and personal lyrics. Their dark and energetic sound got the crowd hooked and prepared them for the final band of the night.

With SHVPES starting their set, the space in front of the stage turned into one big circle pit. The band played a good mix of all of their releases including songs such as ‘One Man Army’, ‘Renegates’, ‘Afterlife’, ‘Undertones’, ‘Calloused Hands’, ‘State Of Mind’, or ‘Two Minutes Of Hate’ which was highly appreciated by the audience. Everyone seemed to have a great time, enjoying themselves crowd surfing, jumping around and singing along. Towards the end of the set Griffin took his chance and stage dove into the crowd himself. The sound was well mixed for the size of the venue. Each set had suitable light shows which helped to create an energetic vibe.

Overall, it was a special time with good music, great bands and an energetic audience. Both, the artists on stage as well as the crowd, seemed to enjoy themselves and a great time. The bands gave their best which was highly appreciated by the audience who sung along and released all their energy in a circle pit.

Venue: The Underworld


Support: The Well Runs Red, Phoxjaw, Skywalker

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