Thrice – o2 Shepherds Bush, London

Thrice headed to the o2 Shepherds Bush in London for their co-headlining tour with Refused.

The American post-hardcore quartet Thrice formed in 1988 and currently comprises vocalist Dustin Kensrue, guitarist Teppei Teranishi, as well as the brothers Eddie (bass) and Riley (drums) Breckenridge. After their hiatus, the band reunited in 2015 and released their latest album ‘Palms’ in 2018 via Epitaph Records following their first release ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ (2016 via BMG Rights) after their break. So far, the rock group released ten full-length albums. Musically, they show influences from post-hardcore, alt-rock, melodic hardcore, hard rock, experimental rock, emo and punk. Their grunge infused heavily distorted guitar riffs underline dominant guitar leads while thriving drum patterns create energy. The vocals alternate between mainly sung and screamed vocals which creates dynamic and atmosphere to the songs which often builds up to anthemic courses.

The venue opened its doors around 7pm. Steadily filling up in front of the stage, the audience was quite mixed but mainly consisting of an older audience. First band of the stage was the female fronted American punk rock band Gouge Away who started the evening with some energetic grunge infused guitar riffs and roughly screamed vocals. The audience seemed to enjoy the set which created a raw and electric vibe. Next band on the stage was the Swedish hardcore punk band Refused. Formed in the early 90’s, the current line-up comprises vocalist Dennis Lyxzén, both guitarists Magnus Flagge and Kristofer Steen, bassist Magnus Flagge and drummer David Sandström who got the crowd moving with their energetic riffs and thriving drumbeats. Even Dennis jumped into the crowd and got carried back to the stage where he continued to dance and jump around which was highly mimicked by the fans in front of the stage who seemingly enjoyed the sow.

When Thrice entered the stage, the crowd went mental as soon as the first riff rang through the speakers. Starting off with ‘Only Us’, the opener of their latest release ‘Palms’, Thrice played a good mix of all of their songs including ‘Image Of The Invisible’, ‘Silhouette’, ‘Just Breathe’, ‘The Arsonist’, the ambient and dark ‘Hurricane’, followed by songs such as ‘The Artist In The Ambulance’ or the ballade ‘Red Sky’, before finishing the set with ‘The Earth Will Shake’ and ‘Beyond The Pines’ which is also the closer of their latest album. The audience highly appreciated the diversity of the set and enjoyed themselves singing along and moshing around. Dustin’s vocals were on point and added a raw and unique touch to the sound.

The light show for all sets was well fitted and added to the rather dark but energetic atmosphere the music created. The sound was balanced and well mixed.

Overall, it was a great evening with amazing artists and an energetic crowd. Everyone seemed to have a special time, enjoying themselves both on and off stage. The fans got wild and screamed all the lyrics back to the stage while the bands gave their best on stage and joined the crowd, jumping off the stage. The audience’s support and energy was highly appreciated by all of the bands.

Venue: o2 Shepherds Bush

Band: Thrice and Refused

Support: Gouge Away

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