Dream State – ULU, London

Dream State ended their UK headlining tour with a sold-out show at ULU London.

The British alt-rock quartet Dream State from South Wales just released their long-awaited debut album ‘Primrose’ (2019 via UNFD), which was well received by their fans, before heading out for a solo tour to support the album release. Having played earlier this year at Camden’s Underworld, they stepped up the game for this leg of the tour and sold out the ULU. Currently comprising vocalist CJ, both guitarists Aled Rhys Evans and Rhys Wilcox, as well as drummer Jamie Lee, the quartet is known for the energetic and melodic sound that carries CJ’s emotional and raw vocals. The mix between sung, shouted and spoken vocals adds a unique dynamic and raw emotion.

The ULU opened its gates around 7.30pm and filled up quickly with a rather young audience. First band opening the stage was the London based melodic hardcore band Behind Blue Eyes who created a vulnerable and atmospheric ambient with a mix of raw emotions and anthemic choruses. They captured the audience’s attention right from the start and set the energy levels high. Everyone seemed to enjoy the set, singing along and jumping around. Next up was the Swedish alt-rock band Normandie who got the crowd dancing with their electrifying heavy guitar riffs and catchy refrains. Everyone was off their feet and highly enjoyed the set singing the lyrics back to the stage.

With CJ starting the intro to ‘Made Up Smile’ the excitement in the audience rose and got them off their feet as soon as the rest of the band kicked in. The energy was high and had the attention of their fans right from the start. CJ’s vocals were on point and created an emotional and raw atmosphere filled with energy. Everyone in the crowd screamed the lyrics on the top of their lungs which added to the electrifying atmosphere. It didn’t take long until there was a huge circle pit in front of the stage and crowd surfers who made their way to the front. Even CJ jumped off the stage and joined the crowd several times. The set was mainly focused on the album including ‘Are You Ready To Live?’, ‘Primrose’, and ‘Hand In Hand’. Towards the end of the set the crowd could chose between ‘Out Of The Blue’ and ‘Spitting Lies’ of which the later won. The set ended with the epic ‘White Lies’ and ‘New Waves’ and ‘In This Hell’ as encores.

Even though there seemed to be some technical difficulties at the beginning of the evening, the overall sound was balanced, and the lights added further dynamic to each set which helped to create the wanted atmosphere.

Overall it was a special time and Dream State delivered an amazing show. Every band gave their best on stage and created an energetic atmosphere which was highly appreciated by the crowd. The audience enjoyed themselves by moshing around, singing along and surfing their way to the stage. Dream State was grateful for their fans’ support and participation, ending the tour with a bang.

Venue: ULU

Band: Dream State

Support: Behind Blue Eyes, Normandie

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